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Lost Treasures of the Tropical Variety

Lost Treasures of the Tropical Variety Book Cover
Tropical Variety Book Cover

Lost Treasures of the Tropical Variety explores a mysterious realm encompassing billions of dollars in lost artifacts, loot, and priceless heritage sunken leagues below the seas hundreds of years ago. Central focus aims toward tropical and sub-tropical areas around the world with remarkable discoveries, though several articles are interspersed with historical legends which took place outside of tropical zones. A vast body of known wealth remains to be found, and likely there is much more unknown yet to be discovered. Here is a warm thanks to those brave souls risking their lives to uncover secrets of our nautical past.

Underwater explorers redefine the way we look at history by finding lost knowledge in artifacts, relics, and treasures trapped by the seas of time. Lost treasures are not only highly valued for their weight in precious metals or gems, but also for historical significance. Cultures around the world reclaim irreplaceable heritage with every rediscovery, and the information provided by the treasures is unparalleled insight into the past. Treasures of the Tropical Variety is a guidebook designed to recount historical facts of lost ocean riches observed from new perspectives, and stimulate further contribution to restoring world marine heritage by sharing this research.

By protecting lost treasures of our past, we can better understand who we are, and learn how exploration and determination of our ancestors brought us to where we are today. All values of treasure mentioned throughout are approximated in United States dollars unless otherwise stated. Fair market conversions at the time of writing this book were used in all calculations and may not explicitly include the respective country's intrinsic value for reclaiming its lost heritage.

Irreplaceable lives, heritage, and treasure lost at sea.

Publish Date: March, 2015
Print Pages: 162
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0985944552
ISBN-13: 9780985944551
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